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Rising Sun Community School aims to provide the optimal foundation for children to become lifelong learners. By tailoring the environment to meet the child's needs, and promoting learning through discovery in a peaceful atmosphere, we nurture the spirit in each child. Our goals include helping build skills needed for school and home, fostering positive and courteous social interaction, building self-confidence, utilizing a child's sensitive periods for learning, and providing an ordered environment where a child can be free to discover on their own with minimal intervention. We strive to foster creativity, curiosity, concentration, and the development of inner security and a positive attitude.
Our teachers are American Montessori Society certified, providing a seamless educational experience for ages 2 1/2 to 12 years old.  Montessori is a time-tested and proven scientific method and educational philosophy.  Research has shown again and again that it is truly the optimal way for children to learn.  Montessori graduates are often independent, secure, out-of-the-box thinkers.  Children at Rising Sun become a part of a happy, peaceful and engaged community of learners.  The joy they experience at school extends to their homes, their communities, and, our hope  -  eventually, the world.  We invest in them because they are "a hope and a promise for mankind"!
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New to Montessori?  Watch this!

Rising Sun Community School
216 Parkway Lane South
Floyd, VA  24091
Located on the Campus of the Jacksonville Center for the Arts
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(540) 745 - MIND
Education That Prepares Your Child For Life.

  1. The Rising Sun Family
    We are here to provide your family the support you need. Parent and family education, school-wide playdates, community service projects, and the observation of special days together are just a few of the ways we stay connected with our families. Strong families make strong communities. It takes a village....here we are.
  2. Certified Teachers
    You can rest in the knowledge that RSCS teachers are trained and certified in their age groups. That means your children are reaping the benefits of a teaching team that holds true to Montessori standards and philosophy, always putting your child's individual needs at the forefront. We are committed to our school.
  3. Comprehensive Curriculum
    Montessori offers a strong, concrete educational foundation that has shown time and again to follow the child's natural inclinations to learn. All academic areas are woven throughout each classroom. We believe in uninterrupted time to explore the materials and to gain mastery of a subject at one's own pace.
  4. Citizens of the World
    We focus on global knowledge and cultural education. Geography and culture-specific studies are key in our rooms. We teach peace and conflict resolution, hoping to provide tools for a future that can seem rather dark at times. Children in our classrooms are gathering the tools they will need to be the change in the world.